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Our Philosophy
Mission Vision

To comprehensively and particularly continue providing Chinese enterprises with management consulting services to build their core competence

To become the most competitive, innovative and practical management consulting team in China

To become a strategic partner of Chinese companies, trustworthy, respectable, cooperative and coordinative


Consulting Concepts

To combine system innovation and management practices

To combine International Concept and China’s national condition

To combine Business School’s teaching research and Chinese enterprises’ case study

To combine global perspective and implementing experience

To contribute l wisdom by our profession, to create value by service, and to be growing with our clients


Service Tenet

Providing the best consulting services to help clients achieve system benefits
"CCAFM" requires that each project staff should provide first-class professional services and program design for the clients according to their defined tasks, and also assist and support clients to effectively promote the advisory program on the basis of CCAFM’s professional experience, doing their best to have the clients’ every resource achieve its optimum system benefits.

Making every effort to ensure each consulting service of professional standards and best efficiency
"CCAFM" allocates the most competent project team for the clients according to their defined task. With its many years of public resources, it also makes every effort to help clients coordinate with relevant institutes and government offices, so as to improve the implementation efficiency of the consulting service program.