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Our Advantages
The accumulation of consulting experience

Over the last 30 years, "CCAFM" has accumulated a wealth of experience in the industries like energy, power, steel and nonferrous metallurgy, chemistry, aerospace, real estate, finance, media, telecommunications, transport and logistics, etc. and has provided many benchmarking experience for their management improving;   

"CCAFM" has always keep sensitive to the politics, and has a profound understanding of the trends in Chinse market economy and regulatory policies and of the problems faced with Chinese enterprises as well as their demands;    

"CCAFM" is one of the domestic management consulting companies which have the most large group as clients, and has provided consulting services for more than 40% large central enterprises under the SASAC.


Consulting service producibility

Through providing excellent consulting services for the various enterprises and determining the trends of enterprise’ future development, "CCAFM" constantly sums up its experience in consulting, and forms a series of information-carried management products, such as enterprise capacity management systems and strategic planning systems and so on, which offer a more effective way for the practice of the management consulting plan.


Talent training

During the process of providing professional management consulting services for many years, the company has trained a group of highly qualified and highly educated senior professionals. All the existing professionals have got bachelor or higher degree, and more than 60% of them have got masters or doctoral degree.


International perspective

"CCAFM" positively studies and introduces the best international enterprises’ leading ways of management and practice, which provide a theoretical and practical support for Chinese enterprises to develop an international perspective of management and internationalized progress. For example, it has established a management practices study and communication mechanism with the carroll school of management in Boston College,US

External cooperation

The company has built a "Management Case Study Center" with MBA College, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, to promote the case studies of local Chinese business management and the study of Chinese management theory and practice;

Collaborating with Business School of Nankai University, the company has built a "MBA, EMBA teaching case center," and the advanced research achievements of Nankai University will be put into the practice of consulting services and consulting cooperation.

Mr. Fu Jijun, the chairman of CCAFM, was appointed as the MBA supervisor by Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, a part-time MBA supervisor by Nankai University, a part-time MBA professor by the Institute of Financial Engineering, Nankai University, and the MBA career development supervisor by Capital University of Economics and Businesses.

The company also has carried on cooperative studies on private enterprises’ risk management with the National association of industry and commerce, and published "Private Enterprise Risk Management Guidelines Manual", and jointly issued the Chinese industry and commerce listed company financial index.