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Merger and Acquisition Management

CCAFM, taking the corporate development strategy as direction, designs M&A plan, selects trading objective, constructs value model, presents decision making suggestions, plans and prepares integration program of corporate investment and financing ,and business after M&A, participates in trade negotiation and business integration process.                                      

CCAFM M&A consulting service mainly includes: due diligence, reorganization & business integration, acquisitions and takeover, IPO consultant, investment and financing.

Superiority in CCAFM M&A consulting service    
We put all what we have and what we can do on adding value to our customer by our professional knowledge. We have many years of experience in M&A, accumulated finish more than 100 M&A projects, particularly have abundant capital/business reorganization, and M&A integration practicing experience.

On account of M&A business, we promote special research and development, and we provided with M&A project management estimate system and investment demonstration model which is researched and developed by ourselves. We completely present professional specialty, supply specialist services.

Since our business involve all kinds of industry, we are able to profound understand operational characteristics of each industry, and fruitful provide various professional capital operation service, and have ability to afford constructive suggestions in expertise area and to promote our service value.

We have a batch of veteran M&A experts who are acquainted with M&A principle and practice and are able to offer corporate the high quality M&A professional consultation service. They can, according to the demand of customers, design the most suitable package service plan and assist in implementing effectively.

Characteristics in CCAFM M&A consulting service
1. Our Service Concept
Combination of Management Innovation and Perfect Practice
Combination of International Experience and China Actual Conditions
Combination of Group Experience and Industry Research.

2. Our Service Tenet
Improving M&A productivity, decreasing M&A risk, encouraging management innovation、supporting and ensuring strategy target. 

3. Our Service Team
We are professional team with good personal integrity, distinguished creative spirit, outstanding business capability and mature project implementation experience.

4. Our Service Feature
We are integration, specialization, dedicated, reliable, strategy cooperation partner of corporate M&A consultant.

5. Professional Integration
Specialty accumulation for ages, collectivize operating model. Top ranking professional team of management consultant, estimating, auditing, engineering consultation and so on, that devotes to providing package solution to customers.

6. M&A management consulting---expert consulting team
In order to ensure the success of M&A management consulting project, CCAFM is backed up with an elite M&A consulting team, in terms of their experience, some of them once served famous overseas consulting firm, some were engaged in investment business in China, some served as enterprise financing business director, some graduated from famous domestic university with finance major; In terms of their education background, they have Master, MBA degree or above, whether on theory or practice, they all have rich experience. CCAFM have formed their own characteristics in this field .

CCAFM M&A consulting service---business type introduction
CCAFM, according to corporate demand, provides long term financial consultation services for corporate, offers particularly services for corporate, supplies expert consultation services for customers in the areas of merger, reorganization, risk investment, project financing, corporate financing etc., and affords corporate management the decision support. The main business types are presented in the following:

1. Annual M&A Consultant
We draw up the denotative development plan; establish model for M&A target companies according to the relevant development strategy. We issue expert opinion based on the pre-feasibility study or decision of M&A project.

2. Independent Financial Consultant Report
We issue that independent financial consulting report relates to the significant impact on the relevant companies operation of capital matters such as corporate related party transactions, assets or liability reorganization, merger and acquisition, and major investment.

3. Direct Financing Consultant
Direct financing consultant includes corporate financing and project financing, in addition, comparing, suggesting and implementing the financing method of stock rights and creditor rights.

• Corporate Financing
We customize financing scheme for customer companies in accordance with their demands, comprising private placement, IPO, further issue, allotment of shares, convertible bond etc., meanwhile, we are responsible for drawing up the related documents, and for organizing and coordinating agents such as underwriter, accounting firm, assets appraisal company and law firm to carry out work. 

• Project Finance
We support corporate for composing project financing business planning, organizing project financing referrals,and arranging commercial negotiations to help the success of deal.

4. Corporate Reorganization Consultation
We provide corporate design proposal of shareholding reform and asset/liability reorganization, compile reform and reorganization documents, offer consultation services in the process of the implementation of the detailed scheme, moreover, stand for Party A to organize and coordinate the mission of another agents.

5. M&A Consultation
Our responsibilities contain searching and filtering M&A target company which is domestic or foreign public companies (non-public companies); implementing due diligence; making proper target company valuation, and supporting them to analyze and avoid financial and legal risks; supporting establishment and implementation of M&A scheme; formulating management and integration plans; negotiating with local government, CSRC, NDRC, MOFCOM and other relevant authorities; preparing relevant documents for register, filling and approval.

6. Management Share Right Incentive Mechanism and Employee Stock Option Plan.
Following the relevant state laws and regulations and aiming at long-term development program and maximization of overall interests of customer companies, we formulate management or employee stock option proposal design and assist the corresponding implementation; moreover we assist the implementation of equity incentive plan of state-owned enterprises and assist relevant documents for register, filling and approval.

7. Individuation Financial Consulting Services
In addition to the above business type, CCAFM can provide targeted professional consultation to guarantee the capital operation of customer enterprise, according to customer company’s personalized needs.

CCAFM M&A Consulting Service----Serving Items & Role Definition
CCAFM  M & A consulting service mainly contains:
Business Environment Analysis and Research 
M & A Strategy Formulation and Target Company Selection
Target Company Strategy, Management and Business Diagnosis
• Target Company Appraisal
• M & A Proposal Design and Implementation
• Deal Negotiation, Financing Arrangement
• Design and Implementation of Takeover and Integration Proposal 
Based on the different status of our customer companies in M & A ( buyer or seller or target company), CCAFM can provide the following consulting service:
Financial Consulting for Acquirer
• Business Strategy Making and Development Planning for Acquirer
• Feasibility Analysis of  M & A Target Company 
• Design of M&A Pattern and Deal Structure 
• Appraisal for the M&A Impact on Buyer
• Participation in deal Negotiation, Mechanism Design for the Protection of Buyer Interest
• M&A Financing Proposal Planning
• Consulting Recommendation for Restructure, Integration and Operation Development after M&A
    Financial Consulting for Seller
• Searching and Analyzing Willing Acquirer 
• Preparation of Sales Proposal and Sales Strategy
• Target Company Appraisal, M&A Pricing

CCAFM recommends target companies to make full use of M&A means and our financial consulting preference. With the long-term experience of brand management consulting, we create the M&A means system, namely CCAFM "3 Stages, 6 Step Means". "3 Stages" of the system mainly includes preparation stage, implementation stage and integration stage. "6 Step Means" of the system mainly includes corporate capacity analysis, M&A strategy development, analysis model establishment, due diligence for target company, and transaction and business integration promotion. CCAFM M&A Consulting Service---M&A implementation procedure and key link
M&A  implementation procedure mainly includes:

CCAFM M&A Consulting Service---Due Diligence
Due Diligence Procedure:
After M&A, we will provide 3 kinds of integratio
Due Diligence mainly focuses:

CCAFM M&A Consulting Service---Integration in M&A  
After M&A, we will provide 3 kinds of integration service, including capital/resource integration, business integration and cultural integration. Whether the integration is completed totally in time plays an important role in the future development of M&A company.
Capital integration is the premise, business integration is the key, and cultural integration is the difficulty.
As for Capital integration, the sooner, the better; As for business integration, the more accurate, the better; As for cultural integration, the more stable, the better.
CCAFM M&A Consulting Service---Key Issues in M&A
Key Issues in M&A:

CCAFM M&A Consulting Service---Risk Management in M&A
Risk Management in M&A: 
Diagram: M&A Risk Management and Reporting Process

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