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Informatization Management

The Business Characteristics of China Informatization Consultancy
Based on over 20 years of accumulation of professional service experience for many Chinese enterprises, CCAFM could grasp the characteristics of management basis and demands of Chinese enterprise and provide proper benchmarking for enterprise and the solution of the proper balance between advancement and feasibility

According to professional management consulting in strategy, organization process, human resource, financial management, incorporation and investment and financing management etc, CCAFM will fully guarantee the business demands and project goals of informatization project.

The content of informatization consulting service runs through planning, selection, implementation and evaluation etc. The integrative and systematic professional service furthest guarantees the effect of consultation service and helps enterprise avoid the risk of information construction.

Both the informatization planning, selection, the implementation of supervisor, project evaluation and systematic implementation service have clear Party A consultation, and analyses and handles business demands and offer solution from the user’s perspective.

The Core Advantage of China Informatization Consultancy 
1.The advantage of experience
In the three fields of the information planning, informatization selection, the implementation of supervision and the implementation of overall budget system, CCAFM have established many successful cases by dedicated and professional service.

2.The advantage of source
Our company has nearly one hundred consultant groups. The group scale, the complex background and experience of consultant, the integrated and collaborative operation of management system and successful experience formed the advantage of characteristic resources in the field of informatization consultation. (Fig1-1)

3.The advantage of reputation
CCAFM has established a good reputation in the industry with years of quality, professional, reliable information consultation service and has established long-term strategic cooperative partnership with several well-known, powerful and large enterprises.

4.The advantage of knowledge
CCAFM has concluded mature methodology in the fields of informatization planning, informatization selection, the implementation of supervision and the implementation of overall budget system and built enrich knowledge base by the experience accumulation of the abundant information consultation. (Fig 1-2)

The partnership of systematic, professional and reliable informatization consultation —— CCAFM
The framework of the value system of CCAFM 

China Informatization Consultancy makes sure the achievement of the informatization strategy from planning, implementing and controlling, and prevents the risk of informatization construction, and improves the influence of informatization investment.

Framework of China Informatization Consultancy content system

Aiming at the outstanding challenges faced at the present stage, China Informatization Consultancy has established an Informatization Consultation content system of its own characteristic. The services of China Informatization Consultancy include the whole lifecycle of the construction of the enterprises informatization, at each link of which, China Informatization Consultancy will offer the professional services, all of which are unique, absorbing and of obvious competition advantages.

Infomatization planning: to emphases the support of the infomatization for the enterprises strategy and the strategy and the measures guarantee of the scheme implementing. 

Infomatization Party-A Consultation (TPCT): the design of the IT management system is to establish the organization and regulation basis for the informatization. ERP consultation offers the platform for the success of the projects. ERP management provides the process assurance for the success of the projects. The assessment of the projects gives the decision-making supports to next construction cycle.

Infomatization Implementation Services: the advantages of China management infomatization consultation are presented by improving the implementation effects of the informatization projects, comprehensive budget, human resource,strategy planning and other professional system implementations though sorting out and optimizing the business process. The special services also should be customized and developed to meet the individuation demand of the enterprises.

The IT Management control consultation: to comprehensively prevent and avoid informatization risks from the system of management and regulation. 

China Informatization Consultancy Services¬¬----Informationization Planning
The unified planning plays an important role in keeping the consistency of the information technology strategy, information framework and development strategy of the enterprises,. To ensure the consistencies of the informatization construction and the enterprises business tactics, to ensure the integration and the expansion ability of the information frame, to ensure the maximization of the overall benefit of the informatization investment, the plans of actions and the measure of the strategies of the measures should be planed and implemented according to the IT tactics that the enterprises are planed unitively by the enterprises tactics, the mode of the management and organization, the key process. 

1.In terms of the enterprises tactics.
The information tactics support the development tactics of the enterprises, whose development innovations is the method to realize and implement the business tactics. The information tactics should be combined not only with the IT development ,but also with the business development and the management mode. Basing on the pectination and optimization of the enterprises business process, the innovation goals should be included in the informatization planning in accordance with the development views. 

2.To take the profound development into consideration, to establish the competition advantages. 
The tactics status of informatization should be defined in the core competition of the enterprises though studying the informatization development trend of the trades, the markets and the partners, taking the profound goals of the enterprises. The enterprises core competiveness should be improve by informatization.

3.The application implementation methodology (AIM) of the informatization planning of CCAFM
After years conclusion, CCAFM has summarized a set of advanced IBM of the informatization planning, which has applied successfully or is implementing in many state and overseas enterprises.

In terms of the content and the work process ,the informatization planning refers to clarifying the overall destination of the informatization application and the improvement of the enteprises management ,analyzing the present period and the gap from the present to the future objectively, then working out the tactics, the definite principles and the routes, finally clarifying the order arrangement and the dependence relation of every informatization construction project, defining every milestone of the informatization construction projects, and working out the assurance measures of these planning schemes

The services of China Informatization Consultancy---The TPC---The ERP Selection Consultation.
Because of the complexity and the integrity of the ERP System, the immature markets environment, the ill-formed competitions, the numerous manufacturers and the implementation services providers’s lobbying and promising; most enterprises will be confused and do nothing.

The main reasons of the problems above refers to the absence of the human resources, the professional knowledge and the experience, the strangeness of the enterprises to the ERP Selection method such as the needs analyzing and designing, the incomprehension to the manufacturers, the implementation services providers and the specialties of their products, and the absence of the ability to make objective and exact judgments to the alternative products and the implementation services providers though scientific selection works.

The ERP/BPR Selection and the System Implementation 
The core of the ERP Selection Methodology of CCAFM refers to analyzing and defining the enterprises functional and technological demands for information system and carrying out the system selection and implementation services provider selection by referencing the industry benchmarking ,all of which work should be based on the enterprises informatization planning ,the analysis and judgment of the management business process, the BPR, and be in accordance with the specialties of the process , management and operation of the new business.

The assurance system of CCAFM informatization Selection is an organic structure of the informatization construction.
1.The primary selection of the manufacturers.
Based on the research and the judgment of the business process, we will help to define the core and technology demands of the enterprises process, to define the principles and standards of the primary manufacturers selecting though combining the medium-and-long-term goals of the enterprises.

2.The establishment of the standards. 
After the list assertion of the supplier, The organization, the procedures and the specific soft selection standards of the biddings inviting and biddings evaluation should be prepared. Then the short list of the primary manufacturers should be worked out.

3.Bid inviting.
When the bid invitation of the information system selection is different from other bid invitation of the soft-hardware, the enterprises should clarify and answer the questions asked by the tenderers in the RFP and related technological appendixes. The enterprises should also visit the model consumers of tenderers.

4.The conversation of the bidding evaluation.
The enterprises should study the tender book according to the standards presented above and listen to the speech and watch the demonstration. The enterprises will choose the preferred bid winner according to the clarification and conversation of the core business process and the technological specialties.

5.The signing of the contract. 
The main task in the period of business negotiation is to discuss and amend the software buying contract as well as its accessories, especially the accessories on implementation scope, the goals, the methods, the plans, and the acceptance standards. The using license and the after-sales maintenances should be considered.

Services of China Informatization Consultancy—The TPC—The project supervision of The ERP.
The project supervision, as a method to control the important process of the construction project, can be also applied into the implementation of the informatization projects such as the ERP. The specialties of the ERP projects determined that the contents, the methods, and the emphasizes of them is constitutionally different from the construction projects. The nature of the informatization project supervision is the third –part consultation services.

To assist party A in auditing and amending the implementation contract and its accessories, for building a solid base for the projects implementation.

To assist party A in auditing and perfecting the organizing plan of the implementation services providers’ projects, in auditing the qualifications of the implementation advisers, for building a solid organization and resources base of the projects implementation.

To audit the plan, the management standards and principle of the projects implementation ,which are put forward by the implementation services providers, for building a solid system base.

To supervise the process of the projects implementation, to preclude the “technological barriers” of the implementation services provider.

To check on the milestone of the projects, to assist party A in inspecting and accepting the projects.

To assist party A in inspecting the deliverables of the provider and give the supervision advice and consultation suggestions, to assist part A correct the decision in time.

To provide the supervision advice and consultation suggestions on the issue of the project and the risk according to the projects condition and the demands of part A.

The unique advantages of the implementation supervision of China ERP system
What China Informatization Consultancy and other consultation and supervision enterprises differ in?

CCAFM is a comprehensive consultation enterprise possessing the organization and process reengineering consultation and management informatization experience. Our company possess the advantages of neutrality and objectivity in the TPC of the ERP program because we have not deputized any product of the ERP software manufacturers.

The integrity and the professionalism of the consultation make our company possess simultaneously the advantages of the ERP implementation projects provided by the ERP Management Consultation Enterprise and the ERP Implementation Consultation Enterprise. Therefore, our company is the best choice of the TPC of the enterprises ERP implementation project.

Services of China Informatization Consultancy-----The overall system implementation of the budget information.

The implementation effects of China overall information system of the budget management.
1.Establish  budget management system with multi-angle views analysis.
According to the actuality of the enterprises management on business and budget, we will comb and improve the budget process, and then establish the budget management index system with multi-angle vies analysis.

2.We can clarify the organization structure of the budget management and strengthen the responsibility of the budget management.
According to the actuality of the enterprises management on business and budget, we will specify the responsibility of the enterprises budget management; clarify their responsibility range so to promote the implementation of the budget management.

3.Provide effective process control for the formulation and approval of the budget.
Strengthening the control of the budget process and providing the way of E-mail integration both improve effectively the efficiency of the conversation and cooperation. On one hand, the time of the formulation and approval will be reduced. On the other hand, the records on changes appearing during the formulation and approval process are reserved to comply with the demands of the enterprises internal control.

4.Strengthen the system of the budget index for building a base for enterprises budget assessment.
Our company will strengthen all kinds of assessment systems in the budget management system and utilize the budget analysis and the comparison function provided by the system to provide the decision references for the budget appraisers.

5.The imaging analysis will improve the executing and supervising ability of the budget, as well as the enterprises budget management ability. 
Though the multi-angle views provided by the system, we will improve the enterprises’ capability in interaction, alteration and conducting multi-level analysis towards the budget rate.

6.The open data interface will build a solid base for the integration of the enterprises ERP information system. 
Though the business rules and the interface function provided by the system, our company will pass the actual business date of the enterprises ERP system to the budget system and realize the reversed transmission to realize effectively the date share among all the inner information systems.

Implementation methodology for the total budget management information system of China

On the basis of making the enterprise customers understand and actively participate in the total budget, complete the business requirement analysis of all the key departments based on the plan budget process through propaganda, implementation and training and form the requirement analysis report.

The project team designs the project implementation plan, coordinates other relevant departments and projects, clarifies the project objective and relevant resources and controls the possible risk points during the implementation.

The project team discusses the system design, budget application, dimensionality, infrastructure, computational logic and other important issues with relevant personnel and reaches agreements on the final solutions.

Install and deploy the system according to the scheme design file; establish the budget system architecture; formulate rules and regulations, forms and reports; and establish key user files.

After the system is built, the business personnel shall test the system and verify the business requirement satisfaction according to the test plan and the project team resolves various problems arising during the testing process.

Determine whether putting into running state or not, prepare the production environment; complete data integration and migrating plan; train key users and guarantee the correct collection and conversion of historical data according to the test results.

Discuss with key users, collect feedback opinions, prepare relevant corrective measures and plans and make perfect relevant defects and deficiencies of the system according to the system running state.

Service of China Informatization Consultation – IT internal control risk consulting 
CCAFM basically establishes a complete set of enterprise IT internal control implementation methodology and implementation tools in accordance with American SOX Bill and Basic Criteria of China Enterprise Internal Control through theoretical studies and summary extraction during the project practice process and ensures that the enterprise realizes effective and continuing internal control supervision. 

CCAFM will combine Internal Control Risk Integration Framework of COSO Committee and COBIT information technology control framework proposed by the Information System Audit and Control Association to sort out and evaluate the key flows of the enterprise IT business activities, to advance the solutions based on the enterprise internal control objective and risk level, to clarify the key risks starting from the organizational structure and flows, and to carry out control from IT management, while conducting solidification through the system, so to satisfy the compliance requirements of the listed companies at home and abroad on the whole and support the realization of the strategic goal. 


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