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Industry consulting features
During the years of management consulting practice,” CCAFM" has provided management consulting services for various industries with industry-specific solutions. Its consultation involves a wide-range of industries, including energy, power, steel and nonferrous metallurgy, chemistry, aerospace, real estate, finance, media, telecommunications, transportation and logistics, etc. On the one hand, through the accumulation of industry consultation experience, it sums up the best practices of the industry and builds up an industry case base; on the other hand, it is concerned about the developments in related industries, follows up the study of the industry benchmark companies, digs industry characteristics, and builds up the industry information database. Meanwhile, CCAFM also makes full use of the external resources, sets up an industrial expert’s team made up by the entrepreneurs, middle and senior management personnel and related experts in research institutions, to provide professional guidance and quality review for the consulting projects and plans.
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