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Human Capital Management

With the human resource core notion of value discovery, value development, value-added and return, and the deep understanding of company development strategy and grow-up trait, CCAFM could assist enterprises to construct "7+1" human capital system, consisting of human resource strategy and planning, post designing and analysis, career development, training and exploitation, recruitment, remuneration and benefit, performance evaluation and information system platform. Besides, CCAFM could provide solution for specific position module in human resource.

CCAFM have developed "Human Resource Capability Management System", which could provide integrated informatization solution, including knowledge sharing, on-line learning, comprehensive evaluation and capability-enhancing.

The human resource advisory services are consisted of human resource planing, capability quality modeling, recruitment and promotion, development and training, remuneration and benefits, equity incentive plans, performance management and human resource auditing.

The human resource view of CCAFM
1. View of growing up 
The challenge and conflict of human resource have been facing different characters during the different development paths. Therefore, holding the human resource development pattern become the basis for solving the questions during the company management. Combing the company development theory and the real activities. CCAFM could provide advisory service for enterprises with different frameworks at newly established step, rapidly development and mature period. The human resource solution based on grow-up situation,  have created value for many clients greatly.

2. View of capital
In the era of knowledge and information explosion, the value of human resource have been showing the critical position supporting the company of  survival and development.  The value-discovery, value-enhancing and value-achieving become one of the core component of human resource management. The trend of human resource transforming to human capital, has been speeding up the revolution in human resource management. The management practice accumulation, emphasizing human capital digging, value development, human capital value-added and return, have been helping lots of companies benefit from the human value-added process.

3. View of System
In the special historical period, many domestic companies have been experiencing dramatic revolution simultaneous in the aspect of company strategy, finance management, information system. The improvement of human resource management has been inflencing the every corner of management. The every single component of Human resource, such as human selection, employment, training and holding should be designed and analysed systematically. The CCAFM have accumulated plenty of experiences in comprehensive management consultant, specialized in human resource solution designing with the view of the whole value in management system, which have been creating great value for top management level.

The Human Resource solution at CCAFM
With the principal of growing up view, systematic view and capital view and long term consultant practices, covering dozen of companies from different industries and styles, CCAFM have formed the systematic solution of human resource for every position role. The solution contains "One platform, Seven systems"
Human resource strategtic planning
Organizational designing and oosition analysis
Employment recruitment
Employment training
Career development
Remuneration and benefits
Checking and evaluation
Human resource Information system

CCAFM not only could provide set of human resource management solution covering the points above and taking the company specific characters into consideration, but also provide specific designing service for parts of above aspects, linking with the management system in use, which could ensure the advancement and utility of the entire solution service.

Notes: the introduction of organizational designing and work analysis referring to the <CCAFM-Enterprise operational management solution>

Human Resource Strategic Planning
The human resource strategy and planning methodology, based on the analysis of the current situation of company strategtic target and human resource, come up with the human resource strategtic target and implement measure. The implementation of human resource strategy could promote the accomplishment of company strategy.

The Human Resource Strategy and Planning methodology at CCAFM are charactered as following: 
1. Not only the human resource strategtic target description, but a systematic structure covering four levels.
The Human Resource Strategy and Planning methodology at CCAFM could systematically consider and plan the future development of human resource team and management from four level including vision, people, function and policy, technology. Through the planning model, the clients not only could have a clear vision for human resource strategy development, but also could establish the practical human resource development method, regulations building plan and human resource information technology development plan, which could guide the strategic improvement in human resource management. 

2. Not only the human resource need forecast, but the development plan of employees teams and core talents 
The traditional human resource strategy in books refers to the forecast of employees supply and need. CCAFM thinks the domestic enterprises have been experiencing the environment of fast changing and flexible organization. Therefore, the human resource plan in domestic enterprise is not only the simple forecast of employees need and supply, but only including specific talent team development plan, and the individual development plan for core talent. With this kinds of methodology, many of our clients could benefits from its instructional and practical.

3. Not only provide the plan result, but provide complete strategic planning solution for clients
Based on the practical consultant accumulation, the CCAFM has developed human resource strategic planning implementation solution, including <>,<> for the use of detail operation level. The individual custom-made services are also provided. At the end of consultant, our clients not only get the strategic planning result, but also carry out the planning work with the human resource strategic planning solution,  to improve the management capability.

Employees Recruitment
The intellectual is the foot stone of competent among enterprises. In order to help large and medium-sized enterprise to select and recruitment talent properly, CCAFM has developed"Human Resource Recruitment System", which has been successfully applied in many large enterprises. The system includes the following core components:

1. Recruitment testing method and content
Based on the quality capability standard data, CCAFM has developed various of testing method , application combination and relative testing content and questions, according to position need and recruitment style. The testing content and methods include:
capability and quality testing on the basis of structural interview
circumstances simulation on the basis of evaluation center
Mentality testing on the basis of mentality and character

Through the testing methods and content database, the enterprises recruitment department could select recruitment method properly. The analysis and judgement capability of recruitment people could be improved greatly. All of these could set solid foundation for candidate selection. 

2. Quality and capability modelmodel database    
On the basis of competence model system and long-term investigation and practice, CCAFM has improved a set quality capability model database, which have covered the major industries(besides special industries), and different management position. Through the individual application of the quality capability model, the enterprises could easily get the quality capability model and the evaluation standards needed by the specific position. The quality and capability model could help enterprises to definite the knowledge, skill, quality and capability for specific position, evaluate the target level in these aspects through quantitative method. Thus, the model is the the research achievement, through case study, psychology study and quantitative standard testing method. 

CCAFM also could provide updating service of quality and capability evaluation standards database for clients, which could benefits our clients with latest management practice achievement. Meanwhile, CCAFM could develop quality capability model and evaluation standards for special position according to the industry feature and the real activities to meet the special requirement of our clients.

3. The quality and capability Evaluation Case Reference Database
The difficulty of quality and performance evaluation is the candidate usually show various behavior test process. Hiring managers often lack the reference standard assessment of the quality and ability of the applicants behavior. CCAFM up related cases the quality evaluation criteria in participants in different abilities for the reality. All of these cases, the real practice can provide the following benefits:

All the reference cases are reflecting the behaviours for special quality capability, which could contribute to find the evaluation benchmark for recruitment people.

The evaluation of same quality capability, but different capability level have relative case database, which could help recruitment people properly evaluate the capability of candidates.

All the reference cases are from the practices of different industries, enterprises, which could ensure the reality of all the cases. 

4. The recruitment system and implementation 
CCAFM have developed complete recruitment system for dozen of large medium-sized enterprises, including social recruitment and internal competence appliction, recruitment process designing, regulation and method, constantly providing all around service in the field of recruitment system.

In addition, the human resource consultant could participate in the recruitment process as needed, which could provide instruction and scientific advisory. The service of recruitment implementation, have improved the scientific recruitment process.

Career Development ----Career Development Path
The strategic human resource stress the strategic pulling role of human resource management, concerning the human resource development, incentive and value-added. The "Career Development Path System" developed by CCAFM, integrating the enterprise business process, organization optimization, workshop study, employees capability standards and classification, remuneration and motivate, could pave the improvement step of employees teams.

"Career Development Path System" combining the industry characters and business process, classifys the specific field, designs the position style and position level matching the employees development paths.

"Career Development Path System", connecting with "Quality capability Model" and different development period, designs relative training and development module, which could contribute to the value-added of employees on the career development paths.

"Career Development Path System" analyses the work feature and role position for difference working level, stipulate the standards requirement for different position level according to work task, setup the every step scientifically in the career development paths 

Career Development----Training and Development
The training is the major tools for career development, closely connecting with the employees improvement and enterprise strategy implementation. The employees training and development system at CCAFM are characterized following two points: 

1. On the basis of career development channels
The training system have closely connect with career development channels, not only could provide training for specific position, but also regard the training as the important evidence for employees potential development and career improvement, through promoting training system.

2. On the basis of study map
This course design of training system, the combination of the training result, first map of the personal development, customer research "further design training course system and the classification level, which will help to determine training goal. 

Career Development---Leadership Development
Through the cooperation with foreign agency and the reference of the international experience, the leadership development solution, including the promotion, evaluation, development and motivate, facing the middle and top management core talent in Large medium-sized enterprises have been implemented successfully in many group enterprises. The leaderships development system is consist of leaderships evaluation, leadership promotion and leadership improvement.

The leadership development system is constructed based on the leadership model. According to the characters of middle and top management in large medium-sized enterprises, CCAFM has stipulated the leadership development model criteria applicable for domestic enterprises. Further, CCAFM also stipulate the individual leadership model according to the relative enterprise strategy, culture feature and management characteristic.

Performance Evaluation
Using kinds of evaluation methods, such as balanced scorecard,KPI, etc, CCAFM has designed performance management system, covering enterprise organization unit evaluation and employees position evaluation. Through the target setting, plan implementation, achievement application, the performance evaluation system make performance target getting through the whole daily management, becoming the target management to the process management, reaching the multi-effect in aspect of the evaluation, communication and motivate, finally, promoting performance of the whole enterprises through the individual performance improvement.

In our opinion, the performance management solution in domestic enterprises should highlight the following several characters:

The performance assessment should establish direct connection with enterprise strategy.

The variables of performance assessment should be based on quantitative criteria.

The performance assessment should highlight the timely process feedback, not only the result-pursuing.

The performance assessment solution should connect with comprehensive budget system and enterprise informational system sufficiently.

The performance management of organization unit basing on balanced scorecards is trying to help enterprises to achieve the establishment and deconstruction of complete strategic performance target system.

The employees position performance management, the further extension of department performance, is the management cycle, consisting of performance target, performance barriers and overcoming, monitoring and assessment, prise and guidance.

Remuneration and Benefits
The remuneration and benefits solution designing at CCAFM, instructed by strategic remuneration managements, is aimed to achieve the motivation of employees and the accomplishment of core talent value. The consultant service includes six linked components, achieving the dynamic cycle of remuneration management, connect with performance management and other management system closely.

The remuneration and benefit consultant cases covers many typical industries and diverse enterprises, which could contribute to the selection of strategic remuneration for our clients and competitive remuneration level.

Based on the comprehensive analysis of various position value, evaluation methods CCAFM has developed "Factor Evaluation Method" for large medium-sized enterprises. The value evaluation solution has been successfully applied in many enterprises group.

CCAFM has designed middle and long-term incentive solution and match short-term incentive solution, for middle and top management in many enterprises, which contribute to the value achievement of core talent, further strengthen the attractiveness and cohensive.

Characteristic Service---Employees Assistant Project(EAP)
Through the comprehensive guidance of the organizational level and employee individual level,  the EAP developed by CCAFM could help employees or their family members solving the psychological and behaviours issues, which could improve the organizational atmosphere and management capability, and finally promote the enterprise performance.

The eap is consulting service purpose is to improve mental health of the staff. However, the scope of beyond the simple EAP counselor. In addition to employee assistance, implement eap need help realize the goal of enterprise organization, looking for the existing problems, and help to improve the organizational improvement of atmosphere, incentive levels, and eventually enterprise performance.

Characteristic Service---Human Resource Audit
The human resource audit solution is consisted of six management models. According to the six models, our clients could design specific audit target and standards, stipulate detail audit procedure, arrange special team to implement the detail model. 

Service Commitment
CCAFM is aimed at the improvement with domestic enterprises. In the human resource management consultant field, We could provide following standards advisory services with the guidance of grow-up view, systematic view, capital view, rich experience and case studies. 

1. Combined with scientific management and humanistic spirit
All of the tools and methods CCAFM choice had gone through a scientific discussion, in many enterprise management practice test. We hope to improve the regulatory standards of human resource management, based on the scientific management tools. Inspire potential human capital, human resources management solutions to employees respect, motivational, value creation as the core principle, effectively integrate scientific management and the humanities concern.

2. The combination of advanced experience and the characteristics of the enterprise
After long-term accumulation, and provides solutions consultants, are based on the provided CCAFM absorption and similar enterprise best practice in the domestic and foreign companies, CCAFM can put these theories and the achievements and enterprise development strategic objective, steps, cultural characteristic, forms, not only learn scheme leadership experience, but also want to consider the characteristics of the enterprise.

3. The combination of project designing and implementation service
CCAFM not only provide the human resource advisory product, solution and achievement, "30%design, 70% implementation", without the assurance of implementation, the consultant solution will not come into the real competition. The value of consultant will be hard to come true. For the solution implementation effectively, CCAFM always regards the solution implementation as one of the important service, provides the whole service beginning from situation analysis to solution design and solution implementation, hoping grow up with enterprises in the whole process.



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